Coronavirus: what it means for the visitor economy

Sheona Southern, managing director at Marketing Manchester  

With the impact of coronavirus now being felt across the visitor economy, it’s more important than ever for those effected to 团结一致,相互支持. 

A report commissioned by European Cities Marketing by ForwardKeys, a travel analytics company, has revealed that the outbreak and subsequent lockdown in Italy has triggered a wave of cancellations to the countrybut has also resulting in an overall collapse in new bookings to Europe by 79% from intercontinental source markets such as the Asia Pacific, Americas and Africa and the Middle East. 

Intelligence from across the visitor economy backs up this analysis 

Hotels throughout the region are reporting lost bookings as leisure groups from China, school groups from Europe and travellers from other markets cancel planned trips. We’re hearing that and several international conferences have cancelled their meetings in the region due to the ongoing situation. And looking further ahead, with Flybe collapsing and other airlines at risk, we are anticipating other airlines at risk could follow. 

Undoubtably this is also a worrying time for businesses that heavily rely on the visitor economy. 由于误解,raybet雷电竞下载的唐人街尤其脆弱.  

Coronavirus 旅游业是否面临着前所未有的全球性挑战. We know that the negative long-term impact of speculation, 炒作和过度反应不仅会损害我们的行业, but also to our local communities and business as a whole. 我们强烈认为,我们的集体责任是集中注意事实,并根据常识和正确的判断采取行动, taking the advice of the relevant authorities and scientists 

Therefore, with international travel patterns disrupted, whilst following government advice and monitoring the situation carefullywe think that there is an opportunity to promote local and domestic tourism this spring and into early summer, 鼓励计划出国旅游的英国人在国内度假. In addition, there is a positive 鼓励大raybet雷电竞下载地区的居民通过参观可能会受到影响的旅游经济企业来支持当地经济 – to enjoy their home patch including surrounding countryside. 

我们正在和大raybet雷电竞下载的地方当局谈话, VisitBritain和我们的活动伙伴以及横跨英格兰北部的目的地来协调一个活动来促进这样的活动,我们欢迎我们的合作伙伴和利益相关者的任何支持或想法. To aid us, please fill out our impact survey here

We are also working with our 公司的同事为旅游业提供业务建议,包括员工管理讲座, managing business, utilising digital and dealing with insurance/legal issues. 您对调查的回应将帮助我们为您的企业量身定制这些会议.  

In the meantime, 我们将继续密切关注有关国际活动的情况,并及时向大家通报. VisitBritain continues to provide regular updates on their website specifically for the UK travel trade industry, 本处会定期更新有关旅客的旅游建议 UK Government