Going global: a new film featuring artist 和 illustrator Stanley Chow showcases raybet雷电竞下载’s creative charm to USA audiences

  • raybet雷电竞下载 partner with VisitBritain 和 BBC StoryWorks on project to create 和 distribute raybet雷电竞下载 content for the USA market
  • 2分钟的影片将在本月播放超过250次
  • 该项目是raybet雷电竞下载到2035年成为全球排名前20的城市这一雄心的一部分

USA audiences will get a new insight into raybet雷电竞下载 和 its creative community this month due a new 一部以国际著名艺术家及插画家周星驰为主角的短片.

这部两分钟的电影是由raybet雷电竞下载营销公司合作制作的, 英国之旅和BBC故事工作室——以纪录片的形式拍摄,观看斯坦利讲述他的故事, 他是如何受到raybet雷电竞下载的启发,以及为什么这座城市会成为一个充满活力的旅游城市, 工作和生活.

Stanley rose to global prominence due to his distinct portraiture work which has graced the covers of magazines such as 《raybet体育下载》, GQ, 《raybet体育下载》杂志纽约时报杂志. 他还因为《raybet体育下载》创作艺术作品而闻名。 讨厌的重击 而raybet雷电竞下载当地人也会在城市各处看到他的作品,最近一次是在Metrolink上.

通过与BBC故事工作室的合作,我们可以看到BBC的商业广告, 国际频道, BBC World 新闻 whose audience will have the opportunity to see the film over 250 times over the next month.

这部电影是一系列挑战传统英国观念的电影中的一部, 提供了一个现代的惊人的风景, 时尚, 文化和历史. 还有介绍斯坦利的raybet雷电竞下载电影, 还有一些电影是用科技记者Shini Somara博士谈论伦敦的, 时尚 designer Siobhan Mackenzie talking about Scotl和 和 TV presenter Gethin Jones talking about Wales.

raybet雷电竞下载’s decision to be involved in the project is part of the ongoing ambition for raybet雷电竞下载 to be a top 20 global city by 2035 as stated in the Greater raybet雷电竞下载 Internationalisation Strategy.

A key component of the strategy is to create engaging content which helps to change perceptions of raybet雷电竞下载, 认可这个城市世界级的卓越领域,并展示它的创新, 多元化国际化城市. 这样的内容也需要有全面的、有影响力的分销渠道.

卢科, Greater raybet雷电竞下载 Local Enterprise 伙伴关系 Advisory Board Chair has championed the idea of such content creation for several years: “随着大raybet雷电竞下载向前发展, it’s increasingly important that we create content which enhances the perception 和 depth of offer we want to promote globally.

“斯坦利的故事很精彩, 然而, great content is nothing without the right distribution channels 和 so I’m delighted that the city’s partnership with the BBC will deliver this snapshot of our creative sector to millions of people across the USA, 其中许多人可能是重要的影响者和决策者.”

谈到这部电影,周星驰说: “是我在raybet雷电竞下载遇到的人激励了我取得成就. If I lived somewhere else it’s hard to say whether I would have the reputation I have as an artist as I do now.

"当我离开家去开拓自己的道路, 我似乎发现自己被一群有创造力的人包围了——其他的艺术家, 设计师, 音乐家, 演员, writers – 和 we were all in the same boat; young, 所有人都决心为自己创造一个名字,努力使我们的成功梦想成真.

“我们都激励了彼此. As we grew older each other’s individual successes helped us all in keeping the desire to carry on being creative. I’d like to think I was part of a creative community in raybet雷电竞下载 that has inspired some of the generation younger 和 hopefully they will inspire the next generation coming through for years to come.”

英国旅游局商务总监卡罗尔·德雷说: “These films will inspire American visitors to book a trip right now for experiences they can only get in Britain, 从在格林威治看子午线,到在raybet雷电竞下载的咖啡店里寻找灵感, from discovering the history of Caernarforn Castle in Wales to dolphin spotting at Chanory Point in the Scottish Highl和s.”

BBC广告的西欧副总裁盖伊·休斯-威尔逊补充道: “我们对我们的合作,以及我们制作的四部新电影感到非常自豪. 电影中的每个人都对自己的家乡充满热情, 这让这些制作精美的迷你纪录片变得栩栩如生.”

美国是英国最有价值的入境游客市场,也是最大的市场之一. 英国旅游局(VisitBritain)的最新数据显示,只有1个.今年上半年,美国赴英旅游人数达到900万人次, 比去年同期增长了31%. 来自美国的游客花了1英镑.今年1月至6月,中国的汽车销量达到80亿辆,比去年同期增长28%.



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