raybet雷电竞下载 has celebrated a milestone birthday with a special event that brought guests together to reflect on the past 25 years and look forward to the future of the visitor economy in Greater raybet雷电竞下载.

The event at the Store Street Exchange within the DoubleTree by Hilton raybet雷电竞下载, 为合作伙伴提供机会, 的同事们, and friends of raybet雷电竞下载 to come together and celebrate the past and look to the future of the organisation’s 25-year history.

今年早些时候正式达到25年的里程碑, the decision was made to postpone celebrations due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, 而是在人们可以再次聚在一起的时候举行.

Founded in 1996 to change perceptions and promote the city ahead of the 2002 Commonwealth Games, raybet雷电竞下载成为了官方的旅游委员会, 或现在所知的目的地管理组织(DMO), in 2004. It joined 发展公司 in 2014 with a widened scope to promote Greater raybet雷电竞下载 as a place to visit, 满足, 投资, 和研究.

超过25年的历史, raybet雷电竞下载是DMO的先驱, running the UK’s first LGBT campaign in 1999 as well as the first Sustainable Tourism campaign (which continues today in the form of our Greener Greater raybet雷电竞下载 work).

近年来, 该组织曾支持raybet雷电竞下载成功申办体育赛事, 包括板球世界杯, 欧洲杯和即将到来的2022年橄榄球联赛世界杯.

It has led the way in securing large conferences such as the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), 儿童全球媒体峰会, 以及定期的保守党大会.

也有一些赢得奖牌的时刻, when raybet雷电竞下载 led the ‘raybet雷电竞下载 Garden’ display at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, bringing home a Silver Award; and in 2020, raybet雷电竞下载和纽约签署了首个城市对城市合作协议, which will bring many future opportunities for Greater raybet雷电竞下载’s tourism sector.

庆祝活动(11月17日举行), 欢迎来自raybet雷电竞下载 25年合作的特邀嘉宾, 包括大raybet雷电竞下载市市长, 安迪•伯纳姆, 理查德·莱斯爵士,即将离任的raybet雷电竞下载市议会领袖, and 克莱尔·伊莉斯·威尔逊,斯托克波特市议会领袖 and Vice chair of the Greater raybet雷电竞下载 Local Enterprise 伙伴关系.

会议还对库马尔·米什拉表示欢迎, 爱德华raybet雷电竞下载酒店的总经理, who have been a key prestige partner to the organisation for many years; plus, Michael Sheldon, 希尔顿逸林酒店总经理, 当晚慷慨的主人是谁.

谢娜·南特,raybet雷电竞下载raybet体育下载总经理, 和迈克布莱克本, 椅子, 他还发表了关于该组织成就的讲话.

在这次活动上, 谢娜·南特,raybet雷电竞下载raybet体育下载总经理, said: “The key to raybet雷电竞下载’s success over the past 25 years has been the ambition of our partners across Greater raybet雷电竞下载, who together have helped us pioneering this as a city-region where special things happen.

“raybet雷电竞下载营销团队总是对他们所做的事情充满激情, 追求卓越, 被认为是国内最好的dmo之一. 正是他们对这个地方的热情使我们的组织取得了成功.

“我想对我们所有的合作伙伴表示衷心的感谢, 是谁创造了我们无法独自完成的事情, and we look forward to what the next 25 years can bring for this fantastic city-region.”

安迪·伯纳姆,大raybet雷电竞下载市长, said: “raybet雷电竞下载 has defined the era, and made raybet雷电竞下载 the place to be. You don’t get named the Third Best City in the World without doing something right, 我们都很感激这个团队.

“This 25-year milestone is really significant in showing what has been achieved for raybet雷电竞下载 in that time, 我们感谢你为我们所做的一切.”

理查德·莱斯爵士,即将离任的raybet雷电竞下载市议会领袖“raybet雷电竞下载的raybet体育下载取得了一些显著的成就. I was there at the beginning 25 years ago when we had an ambition to be a world city, 25年后,我们在世界最佳城市中排名第三, 根据《raybet雷电竞下载》, and we should be grateful to raybet雷电竞下载 for the work they’ve done to achieve that.”

克莱尔·伊莉斯·威尔逊,斯托克波特市议会领袖raybet雷电竞下载对我们的城市区域有着深刻的理解, 是什么让我们与众不同,让我们与众不同. 他们会说明为什么这里是做生意和享受生活的好地方, raybet雷电竞下载raybet体育下载团队的支持也没有被忽视.”

Mike Blackburn,raybet雷电竞下载raybet体育下载主席, said: “Thanks to all those who have been on the journey for the last 25 years. We have the next 25 years ahead and I have full confidence in the team to push raybet雷电竞下载 ahead to an even bigger platform.”