PROGRESS21 conference showcases Greater Manchester’s global growth opportunities

数千名商界领袖及求职者昨日(九月二十三日)出席“进步21”活动, Greater Manchester’s largest conference in more than 18 months.

Taking place at the Manchester Central convention centre, it consisted of three key strands: Greater Manchester’s global ambitions; business opportunities, and careers, and boasted several forums, 举办工作坊及讲座,帮助个人及机构实现成长机会.

Organised by The Growth Company, in collaboration with partner organisations across the region, 《raybet雷电竞下载》为该地区提供了一个重要的机会,使其能够团结起来,重振其雄心.

Mark Hughes, chief executive of The Growth Company, said: “This has been a really special event. As we continue the recovery from Covid-19, PROGRESS21是一个重要的垫脚石,是一个团结起来,帮助城市地区恢复并开始繁荣的机会.

“无论是我们接触的企业,还是正在找新工作的个人, 每个人都在努力实现下一个目标,在PROGRESS21的房间里充满了能量. 

他说:“我们这个地区有一个很好的故事要告诉世界,而取得国际进步至关重要. We want investors to come to the region and invest in our opportunities, 我们需要游客来参观,并与全球的大学合作,分享我们的研究和发展.

“Whether it’s Greater Manchester’s global ambition to attract inward investment, 想要学习国际化知识的中小企业,或在事业上有帮助的人提供指导, help people find jobs, reskill and discover that dynamism.”

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, 他在交易所礼堂向数百名代表发表演讲,展示他对该地区和提供世界级公共交通系统的雄心.

About the event, he said: “It’s fantastic to see the buzz and hear the noise and chatter in the room today. 许多企业在疫情期间受到了抑制,这里的人们渴望重返就业市场. The two are coming together here and it’s fantastic to see. Greater Manchester is very much back in business and we’re coming back strong. 

“We’re a global city, we’re a leader in digital and green technologies. 我们有很多东西可以提供,我认为raybet雷电竞下载正因为这里发生的事情而越来越多地在国际舞台上受到关注.

“我们从来不相信,仅靠公共或私营部门就能实现大raybet雷电竞下载的目标,我们相互支持。. Today is all about renewing those partnerships and relationships between public, private, voluntary, community and faith sectors. It’s wonderful to see it in action at PROGRESS21.

“The fact that so many people, who are all interested in how we build a future for the city region, have come together today gives me lots of optimism. In the last 20 years, we have become almost as we were in the 19th century, we have become that optimistic can-do city.”

Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council, 在当天的最后一次演讲中,他向与会者发表讲话,回顾了这座城市在过去20年里取得的一些主要成就,以及它打算如何在未来继续发展.

Following his keynote address, he said: “事实是,我们能够组织这次活动,有这么多的企业, 参展商和雇主在这里展示了大raybet雷电竞下载的雄心,我们已经在做一些事情来实现这些雄心.

“We’re open for business, we’re open for more business and we’re going to drive this city region forward.”